Presidential Elections 2004


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  Trends in the polls since February 2003:

Poll trends since February 2003


green curve: support for the "green camp": incumbent President Chen Shui-pien and his running mate, Vice President Lü Hsiu-lien (Annette Lu), both from the ruling DPP (Democratic Progressive Party), supported by the TSU (Taiwan Solidarity Union), a new party founded by supporters of former President Lee Teng-hui (Kuomintang), who has been supporting Chen Shui-pien since he left office.

blue curve: support for the "blue camp": Presidential candidate Lien Chan from the KMT (Kuomintang) and his running mate Song Chu-yü (James Soong) from the PFP (People's First Party), a split-off from the Kuomintang.

grey curve: undecided.

  Source: United Daily News (Lien Ho Pao), Nov. 1st, 2003.

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